About Us

TWO CONSULTING has formed a vast array of partnerships to be able to provide the right solutions to our clients when they need it most.

Executive Mentors, Process Improvement Experts, Change Management Professionals, Financial Analysts are all a proud part of the TWO CONSULTING family.

Our Founder, Tim Odokeychuk, is an experienced professional who cares deeply about continually challenging the status-quo in pursuit of business excellence.

Through his development with a leading global organisation, he has facilitated improvement projects in dozens of independent operations resulting in millions of dollars in savings and increased levels of quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

With extensive project management experience using proven continuous improvement, innovation and organisational development methodologies, Tim is as proficient as he is passionate.

Tim holds a leading professional certification, ASQ ® Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence, demonstrating his expertise and transformational leadership abilities to a global standard.




I’m Tim Odokeychuk – Founder of TWO CONSULTING.Tim Odokeychuk

Thank you for taking a few moments to get to know us here at twoconsulting.com.au.

My career has been dedicated to helping businesses with their journey to becoming world-class and I’m passionate about their success.

That passion is why I’ve founded TWO CONSULTING.

I’ve enjoyed working with companies of all shapes and sizes through Australia, Canada and the United States – from small to large, simple to complex.

These organisations are successful because they are committed to improving themselves for their customers, not only to increase their return on investment.

Sound familiar?

Businesses often need another perspective to help them remove obstacles in the way of achieving their goals.

If they aren’t removed quickly, those obstacles quickly distract us from what our customers really want us to work on.

There are many ways to detect, repair and prevent sparks turning into something bigger.

The question is, does your business fight fires or prevent them?

Our philosophy is simple – there’s always a better way.

Let’s find it!

Together, we can.

Tim Odokeychuk




+61 3 9015 4TWO (896)

Melbourne, Australia